As an independent certified commissioning authority SiBS brings objectivity and practical experience to the project to ensure that the owner will truly get the building performance that he or she expects.

SiBS bring experience from a large number of projects and have in-house staff with engineering analysis experience and diagnostic skills. SiBS offer a fresh perspective and new ideas to resolve problems and will not have a conflict of interest when reporting findings to the owner. SiBS have no investment in doing things “the old way” and can help project team members see the value in using new methods to perform old tasks.

Having the independent 3rd party TAB agent on the team early provides opportunity to identify possible operation, installation, testing, and performance issues long before they become a construction issue. As 3rd party authority SiBS attend all FAT testing long before equipment is delivered to site to ensure plant is fit for purpose and meets strict project requirements. As 3rd party authority SiBS are typically responsible for leading and managing the project commissioning process (design and/or construction) and work closely with the design, construction, and operation teams in a co-operative work environment that focuses on teamwork throughout the building’s design, construction, and post construction.

As a 3rd party agent, SIBS can add value to a project which is rooted in our ability to create positive working relationships with all parties. SIBS primary goal is to provide a completed and properly operating product to the building owner and occupant/user SIBSs work generally include performing design/submittal reviews, O&M Manual reviews, independent inspector at FAT testing and development of testing and commissioning processes for the project.