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Multi Level Car Park and Offices
Katara, Doha, Qatar.
Scope of Works: Testing and balancing of all
ventilation and chilled
water systems
Planned Completion:
December 2012
Client: Trags Engineering    
About This Project...

The project consists of an energy centre comprising a ground floor and a mezzanine floor, a car park building comprising a basement level, a ground floor and 6 additional floors. The project is divided in 2 blocks. Block 1 consists of Multi level car parking at 6 different floors with total capacity of 595 spaces and 25, 453 m2 total built area with substation, security room fuel tank and BMS room at ground floor an office on 6th floor.

Block 2 consists of chillers, pump rooms and cooling towers with 2, 330m2 built up area. Basement level will include water tanks, pump rooms, service lift and service tunnel with 7, 177m2 built up area. SiBS scope of work includes all commissioning of ventilation and chilled water systems.